School complex, Vignola (Mo)


Auctioneer: Comune di Vignola
Location: Vignola, Modena
Competition: 2008
Not realised

Architectural design: Marco Contini
Collaborators: Sara Chiari, Matteo Mascia, Stefano Zanzucchi, Massimo Guggia
Road aspects: Policreo

Type of intervention: new construction
Functional characteristics: 6-section kindergarten, primary school with 15 classes and spaces for administration, first grade secondary school with 15 classes, gymnasium
Area: 13.500 sqm

The first operation that the project proposes at the settlement level, is to define an area in which the spaces of the new school complex can also be sheltered from the problems of noise pollution detected by the auctioneer. For this purpose, a slight embankment arranged in a radial pattern in the north of the area has been envisaged, which defines a limit, albeit weak, towards the roads and surrounding areas.

This geometric figure is interrupted by meeting in the southern part of the area the pedestrian path that connects the road to Sassuolo with via Barella arranged along the east-west axis.

This route is characterized by size and complexity as a “street” space as in addition to joining and gathering the routes coming from the urban centre, it is the main place from which you access the activities of the school buildings.

Inside this “enclosure” are located the volumes of the school buildings arranged along the north-south axis and alternated to form a series of courtyards and tree-lined gardens serving school life. In their arrangement, the volumes seem to interpenetrate with the existing rows almost to form a sort of hinge with the tree-lined spaces. All the buildings are also connected to each other by a covered passage that allows access to the canteen and gym.

An exception to this provision is that of the kindergarten which has been given greater autonomy in the relationship with the other buildings, placing it on the south side of the area longitudinally to the pedestrian crossing path and with its own pedestrian and vehicular accessibility.