Experimental residences, Turku (FIN)


Auctioneer: Europan 5
Location: Turku, Finlandia
Competition: 1998 project reported

Architectural design: Marco Contini
Collaborators: Claudia Guastadini, Ilaria Petrussa, Gianluca Pasquali

Type of intervention: new construction
Functional characteristics: new residential construction and services with experimental housing
Usable area= 3000 mq

The observation of the geographical characteristics of the site, the road network and the infrastructures, the natural characteristics and the comparison with the functional programs established by the general plan offer the opportunity to define a way to build a settlement along the path traced through the Hirvensalo island in Finland

The project carried out for the Europan 5 competition foresees a series of accommodation arranged along this route which, crossing the building nuclei, connects the mainland to the sea where a small bay for boats is arranged.

This type of settlement guarantees its own character with every move: the road leading to the city centre or to other areas of the island will be large, smooth and will allow people to have a broad view of the landscape; the itineraries within the settlement will be designed to encourage a perception of city life also based on the relationship between people; walking through the vegetation that runs alongside the water will bring back to the fundamental experience of being within the wild vegetation.