School complex, San Candido (BZ)

Planimetria generale del Polo scolastico di San Candido

Auctioneer: Municipality of San Candido
Location: San Candido, Bolzano
Competition: 2014 award-winning project
Not realised

Architectural design: Marco Contini, Sara Chiari with écru
Collaborators: Matteo Zaccarelli

Type of intervention: new construction and extension
Functional characteristics: WFO upper secondary school with 6 normal classrooms + 7 special classrooms, lower secondary school with 3 sections, administrative area, main hall, library, canteen
Area: 8.000 sq.m.

The project of the lower secondary schools and the technical high school of San Candido, proposes a solution in which the entire school area of the country is an articulated and safe system of paths, paved spaces, green areas for leisure and school sports. The volumes and functions of the schools and the community are placed in close relation to these.

The size of the small town where a pedestrian relationship between public spaces is possible is assumed by the project as the first objective at the settlement level, placing the volumes and interior spaces of the schools in a strong relationship with the paths coming from the inhabited centre almost as their continuation in the school life.

The volume of the lower secondary school characterizes the entrance to the new common courtyard with an arcade. The school building is organized to meet the pedagogical profile and didactic criteria proposed by the competition notice and presents at the entrance a filter area that divides the daily flows from the area where the educational activities are organized. Each group of classrooms is characterized by an open space for common activities, centrally located and furnished with flexible furniture to allow an always different use of the space. Around this space are located the three large classrooms, which open with doors and screened glass windows in order to create visual connections in the absence of traditional corridors. Between the classrooms and in continuity with the central space, there are spaces that, in addition to allowing the lighting of the central space, host the other activities: the presentation area, the tea corner, the cloakrooms and self-learning islands.


Pianta del Polo scolastico di San Candido