New gym 3E: Ecological, Economic, Efficient, Gorizia


Auctioneer: Province of Gorizia
Location: Gorizia
Competition: 2015 third place

Architectural design: Marco Contini, MOD.LAND architetti associati, Giovanni Vragnaza
Collaborators: Matteo Zaccarelli

Structures: Giovanni Valle
Mechanical systems: Igor Zuccheri
Electrical systems: G.T.A. s.r.l.

Type of intervention: new construction
Functional characteristics: gym for school use

The project has the ambitious goal of creating, as a response to specific conditions, an “urban gym” that without camouflaging its real nature (an inevitable large volume with limited openings) becomes part of the city, both figuratively and in use.

The choice to raise the playing surface to 3 meters allows to obtain an inhabited base which, due to the size of the pedestrian staircase, allows you to “put” under the gym functions that can thus enjoy a relationship, including direct visual with the courtyard of the school, thus creating also protected outdoor spaces such as the large porch, public but not in direct continuity with the sidewalk, already belonging to the gym, where those who use it can park. The corner turn made with these setbacks allows diagonal viewing.

In this base which will be made of concrete and insulated, spaces for associations, changing rooms and infirmary, small storage and spaces for other activities related to physical exercise find space in the current proposal.

The gym has a wooden structure with a roof supported by trusses.

The predominantly zenithal but diffused light highlights the “plisé” trend of the hemp fibre insulating and sound-absorbing panels (380 mm thick), punctuated by the 120 cm step, double size of the structural module that appears outside up to the height of 2.50 m.

The external space marked by the wooden structure as well as the upper portion is plastered with lime-based plaster.