Courtyard residences, Langhirano (PR)


Client: Private company
Location: Mattaleto, Langhirano, Parma
Project: 1990 – 1991
Construction: 1993

Architectural design: Marco Contini
Collaborators: Nicola Bonazzi

Structures: Giovanni Feldmann

Type of intervention: new construction
Functional characteristics: Residential system organized in small courtyards with 3-4 dwellings

Contractor: Bergamaschi s.r.l.

Photographs: studiocontini

The design of this courtyard house is the result of a hypothesis not completely realized for a small residential settlement located in the hills around the urban centre of Langhirano.

On a sloping ground, it was planned to install a series of courtyard blocks with pedestrian crossing systems which, separated from vehicular traffic, could continuously allow the use of recreational spaces in common.

The built building still shows this principle. The garages and service spaces have been placed towards the street and used as a fence, while the accommodations have a privileged relationship with the internal garden.

A public pedestrian path crosses the centre of the courtyard, relating the accommodation to the surroundings.

The continuity between the fences and the inhabited volumes provides a strongly compact image accentuated by the use of brick. The walls were built with the double-walled system and ventilated cavity.