Primary school, Parma


Auctioneer: Municipality of Parma
Location: Parma
Competition for design and construction: 2013 fourth place
Not realized

Architectural project: Marco Contini, Quattroassociati
Collaborators: Sara Chiari, Matteo Mascia, Matteo Zaccarelli

Structures: Thomas Schrentewein
Mechanical systems: Davide Parisi
Electrical systems: Enrico Camellini
Energy aspects: Michele De Beni
Green design: Agata Cleri

Type of intervention: new construction
Functional characteristics: primary school with 4 sections, school laboratories, staff offices, canteen, auditorium-theatre, gym
Area: 6.500 sqm.

The school is conceived as an urban organism that “welcomes” and “protects” strongly related to the existing routes, becoming an element of requalification of the district.

The fundamental idea in the volumetric articulation of the project was to foresee the gym surrounded on three sides by the volumes of the school. The construction system in wood makes this proposal extremely simple and feasible without any particular problems of a subsequent building site related to the planned phases of the tender.

This forecast allows to obtain several benefits:
– an economic saving in the construction of the second section and consequently of the entire intervention;
– a use of the roof of the gymnasium strongly integrated and in direct contact with the educational activities of the school;
– a greater uncovered surface available to the whole complex;
– a greater compactness and energy efficiency of the school building.