Building for services, Brescia


Auctioneer: Comune di Brescia
Location: Brescia
Competition: 2009

Architectural design: Marco Contini e Sara Chiari
Collaborators: Matteo Mascia, Paolo Bertozzi, Silvia Vezzosi

Type of intervention: new construction to complete a historic block
Functional characteristics: offices, exhibition spaces and information centre
Usable area: 967,00 sqm
Area: 1680 sqm

The competition project provides for a volume strictly inhabited within the limits imposed by the notice, while the relationship with the alignments and external buildings is entrusted to a “filter wall” arranged overhanging on the three main sides of the building.

This solution allows to resume the alignments of the fronts with the external wall and to obtain a material homogeneity of the entire building.

This space is also reported on the facade with the use of full-height glass and with a withdrawal of the front on the two side streets making the entrance to the upper floors visible.

The building structure was conceived, functionally, with a simple scheme in which the services are located in the part close to the stairwell while the other activities are located on the three floors of the volume defined by the competition notice.

This volume is excavated at the entrances on Via San Faustino and Rua Sovera and along the water tank that is inserted on the main front.

Considering that the perimeter surfaces of the internal volume are completely glazed, the filter wall, provided with Botticino marble strips, also ensures protection from sunlight and still allows you to glimpse the activities inside the building.