Single-family residences, Langhirano (PR)


Client: Impresa Bosi
Location: Langhirano, Parma
Project: 1° lot 2001 – 2° lotto 2003
Construction: 1° lot 2003 – 2° lotto 2005

Architectural design: Marco Contini
Collaborators: Elisa Paletti
Structures: Pier Guglielmo Bosi

Type of intervention: nuova costruzione
Functional characteristics: settlement with single family types for a total of eight residences
Area: 4650 sqm

Contractor: Impresa Bosi

Photographs: studio contini

The orographic trend of the land is highlighted by the location of the volumetric parts arranged to climb along the slope.

The same individual housing properties are organized with a green area of ​​relevance that develops on different levels connected to each other.

Through the simple repetition of the building typology, the use of materials and the fencing system, both a homogeneous perception of the intervention and a recognizability and functional autonomy of the individual accommodation are guaranteed.

The height of the settlement is deliberately limited, with the partial burial of the service plan.

The external walls of the buildings and fences, taking up the type of housing built on the east front, are made of exposed brick; the use of the tiles characterizes the roofs made with a minimum slope in order to highlight the horizontality of the walls.

The windows are made of wood.

The external parts are mostly green. The paved parts are in Luserna stone blocks, while in the car parks there is a system of self-blocking with grass.

The trees, hedges, and shrubs will be of an exclusively native type.