Secondary school and gymnasium, Via Don Minzoni Bologna (BO)

Auctioneer: Metropolitan city of Bologna
Location: Bologna
Competition: 2020 winning project
Construction: construction supervision in progress

Architectural project: Marco Contini, Sara Chiari

Type of intervention: new construction after demolition
Functional characteristics: secondary school with 3 sections, laboratories, auditorium, library, offices and teachers’ classroom, gymnasium

land area: 5,496 sqm
basement (gymnasium): 1,001.20 sqm
ground floor (school and auditorium): 263.60 sqm
first floor (school): 914.80 sqm
second floor (school): 916.75 sqm

structures: Schrentewein & Partner s.r.l.
systems: Simone Dalmonte – Giampaolo Vecchi – Simone Ghinelli
acoustic: Sil Engineering
geology: Maurizio Zamboni

The project involves the construction of a new school building with three sections, laboratories and teaching spaces configured according to the new MIUR directives on innovative teaching for a total amount of euro 7,500,000. The working group, consolidated through the design of various schools in Italy and supported by teaching experts, has guaranteed the municipality a multidisciplinary approach in line with the most advanced theories on the organization of school teaching spaces.

The principle that inspired the design proposal was to make the new building more compact than the existing one, so as to have more green spaces, leading to the hypothesis of a solution in which the teaching spaces could also find a place above the gym which, with the changing rooms and relative services, has therefore been inserted in the basement.

As regards the organization of the spaces on the two upper floors, the project favors those approaches pedagogics who, overcoming the idea of ​​a closed classroom with a frontal arrangement, also look for articulated and differentiated spaces for specific activities to be carried out in small groups or individually. The project includes the increase of spaces for interaction outside the classrooms according to the most current teaching contemporary guidelines.

The large entrance hall, the system of access routes to the classrooms, the vast central space that is articulated around the two double volumes, the ‘open’ library becomes places with natural lighting in which it is possible to stop, discuss, observe, exhibit, meet.

The ‘passage’ spaces have been sized and articulated to allow, in addition to the passage, also interclass work activities, so as to allow, through simple furnishings and partitions, the possibility of expanding the space of the classroom to adapt to group work, individual work or a particular lesson.

The sports facility is at the service of both the Aldrovandi-Rubbiani professional institute and the nearby schools. The gymnasium can in fact be divided into two spaces, through a motorized mobile partition, which can be used simultaneously by two classes. Outside school hours, the gym can be used by external people both for exercise sports for some disciplines and for competitive sports for others with the presence of the public.