Food Museums – Porcino Mushroom Museum, Borgo Val di Taro and Albareto (PR)




Client: Borgo Val di Taro Municipality – Albareto Municipality
Location: Borgo Val di Taro and Albareto, Parma
Project: 2021-2022
Construction: 2022

Architectural design: Marco Contini
Collaborators: Alessio Pedrona, Sara Chiari
Electrical systems: Giampaolo Vecchi
Contractor: Rotodigital snc

Surfaces: 300 sqm Borgo Val di Taro location – 160 sqm Albareto location

Type of intervention: recovery of museum spaces inside the Museo delle Mura for Borgo Val di Taro and inside the Palazzo della Comunalia for Albareto
Functional characteristics: exhibition areas with interactive panels and videos

On the initiative of the Local Action Group of the Duchy, the Community of the Taro-Ceno Valleys, the Municipality of Borgo Val di Taro and the Municipality of Albareto have given life to the project of a Porcini Mushroom Museum, with two different museum locations, one in Borgo Val di Taro and one in Albareto.

The Borgo Val di Taro location
The Borgo Val di Taro exhibition is located in the “Museo delle Mura”, in a 17th-century stone building with a wing rebuilt in recent times.
The exhibition design leaves the overall appearance of the historic rooms dominated by barrel vaults and stone floors unchanged, inserting the didactic equipment on panels applied to the wall.

The first four sections, rich in historical, graphic and multimedia documentation, are dedicated to the territory of the upper Val Taro, to the history of the Porcini mushroom, to the artistic representation of the mushroom and to gastronomy.
The last set-up environment intends to recreate the wooded environment where the mushroom is born. To this end, the floor and ceiling reproduce the soil and foliage of the woods and the exhibition structure, wrapped in images of the woods, opens into four different semi-circular “clearings”, each dedicated to a different theme: what is a mushroom, the habitats of the Porcino, the harvest and, finally, the processing.

The Albareto location
The Albareto exhibition site is located in the central via della Repubblica and is housed in the Palazzo della Comunalia of Albareto, a 19th-century building, formerly the town hall.

There are four sections of the museum:

  • the first dedicated to the taxonomy, the types of Porcini mushrooms and the different habitats;
  • the second to the nature of the forest, to the animals and plant varieties that populate the forest;
  • the third, characterized by the presence of a giant wooden mushroom, takes us back to the fantastic world of the “magic” forest, retracing the main quotations from children’s literature;
  • the fourth and final section presents insights into the area also through projections on a large screen.