Secondary school and gymnasium, Mori (TN)


Auctioneer: Autonomous Province of Trento
Location: Mori, Trento
Competition: 2019 winning project
Construction: design in progress

Architectural project: Marco Contini, Sara Chiari
Collaborators: Matteo Mascia, Matteo Zaccarelli, Filippo Carra

Structures: Schrentewein & Partner s.r.l.
Systems: STEA Progetto

Type of intervention: new construction and renovation
Functional characteristics: secondary school with 6 sections, laboratories, administration offices, canteen, large classroom for 150 people, gymnasium
Area: 6.750+2.650 sq.m.

The area is located in a privileged position for the observation of the surrounding geographical context overlooking the Adige valley and with a 360° view of the surrounding mountain ranges. The entire school complex is clearly visible from around and is a perceptive landmark not only for the village of Mori but also for those who pass along the roads towards the Adige valley. With this aim in mind, the location and shape of the project volumes, the homogeneous treatment of the surfaces, make the school complex recognizable and with a precise identity as a public place should be.

The configuration of the building and the external areas has been developed, without any particular hierarchy, but with mutual references, the scale of urban relations and at the same time the scale of the different functional needs necessary for the development of teaching, these characterized by new ways of interaction between school activities with flexible spaces suitable to facilitate the meeting, relations, synergy between pupils to articulate and enrich their learning.

The symbolic space of the agora entering the new school building from the outside highlights the need for a school open to the “learning community”. (school or neighbourhood) to a more intimate and familiar perception, to the well-being of the users, which the spaces for learning cannot do without.

The same shape of the building “welcomes” in a discreet way, the users coming from the inhabited area placing on the ground floor all the community activities (exhibition hall, administration, auditorium, canteen, gyms) and on the upper floors the educational activities.