Cottage restoration, Agna (PR)


Client: private
Location: Agna, Corniglio, Parma
Project: 2013
Construction: 2015

Architectural design: Marco Contini
Collaborators: Sara Chiari, Matteo Zaccarelli

Structure: Simone Leoni

Type of intervention: recovery
Functional characteristics: recovery of a rural building once used as a shelter for shepherds and animals
Useful area: 86 sqm

Contractor: Danilo Barbieri

Photographs: Sandro Tessoni, Alessio Brugnoli

This building is located in Tufi d’Agna, a small village in the mountainous municipality of Corniglio, inside the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The small building, a rural building once used as a shelter for shepherds and animals, has been recovered as a shelter where the use of housing, given its isolated location and the difficulties to reach it, is occasional and for a few consecutive days.

This condition, together with the availability of spring water and wood from the undergrowth, has led to choices in which sustainability objectives are achieved by maintaining and recovering the original features of the building, which was in a state of severe degradation, especially for the wooden parts of the roof that were subject to runoff due to the precarious condition of the covering.

The project has maintained the main features of the building using traditional recovery techniques integrated with the necessary technological components in order to preserve the appearance of a simple rural construction.