School complex, Rovereto S/S (MO)


Auctioneer: Union of Embankment Lands
Location: Rovereto S / s, Novi di Modena
Competition: 2016 first classified
Construction: Executive design completed

Architectural design: Marco Contini, quattroassociati
Coordination: Marco Contini
Collaborators of the executive design: Sara Chiari, Matteo Zaccarelli, Alessio Pedrona

Structures: Schrentewein & Partner s.r.l.
Mechanical systems: Simone Dalmonte
Electrical systems: Giampaolo Vecchi

Type of intervention: new construction
Functional characteristics: primary school with 2 sections, secondary school with 2 sections, gymnasium, auditorium, music room, library, canteen
Area: 4,750 sqm.

The location of the area, barycentric with respect to the town of Rovereto, lends itself well to define a new place of public value easily accessible from all the rest of the town. The idea of the “agora” as a place of gathering and meeting of the community, not only school, was fundamental in the arrangement of the volumes and in the articulation of the paths and open spaces.

In fact, along Via 4 Novembre there is a large public space connected to the nearby square and to the existing pedestrian paths: it is characterized by the main public functions of the school centre (gym, auditorium, library) as well as by the porticoes at the entrance to the schools. This space, partly paved and partly green, with its design allows to maintain many of the existing trees and encourages the placement of benches for parking, small play areas, an area for outdoor projections and of course the access to schools protected by the arcades.

The front of the school complex is low in height and with spaces of harmonious size to make the whole structure perceptively welcoming. The volumes of the school buildings with a height of two floors are arranged, planimetrically, to form a large internal courtyard-garden open to the south and overlooked by the relationship spaces of the two schools; the classrooms are located along the south/east sides for the secondary school and south/west for the primary school.

All the spaces of relationship are large and multi-purpose and perceptively connected with the outside world in order to emphasize the idea of a school open to the outside community.

Planimetria del polo scolastico di Rovereto