Winery extension, Casatico (PR)


Client: Azienda Vitivinicola Carra
Location: Casatico, Parma
Project: 2008-2009
Construction: 2010

Project and works direction: Marco Contini
Collaborators: Alessio Brugnoli, Elisa Paletti, Giambattista Premi

Structures: Thomas Schrentewein
Mechanical installations: CD studio
Electrical installations: Giampaolo Vecchi

Type of intervention: extension and new construction
Functional characteristics: extension of the production area with cellar, storage and processing area. kitchen and tasting
Area: 920 sqm

Contractor: Icemcal, CISA wood

Photographs: P.D.P.

The company Carra di Casatico is located in the hills of Langhirano within an area of high landscape value characterized by the presence of the castle of Torrechiara.

In this area, the use of traditional materials is also required in new construction work.

In order to comply with the landscape protection regulations and at the same time to make the cellar functional to the contemporary working phases, the project uses various devices both in the use of materials and in the definition of volumes.

In particular, the use of the two-pitch roof with roof tiles that characterize agricultural buildings in the area has been resumed.

The simplicity of the shapes in direct interpretative continuity with the typologies of the place brings back the large working spaces to a domestic dimension, highlighting the family management of the company. The repetition and the intervals between the volumes allow an adequate and discreet insertion into the landscape which is also related to the workspaces through large windows that allow the eye to perceive the adjacent vineyards.

The use of steel and wood characterizes the structure of the buildings allowing to cover large spaces with a sufficiently light perception of the components.

The structure of the warehouse is entirely made of wood with the use, for the walls, of stratified solid wood panels left visible inside with the result of perceiving a large wooden box containing the wine containers.

The roof structure of the porch with a span of 10 meters is always made of solid stratified wood panels and steel tie rods at the bottom.

On the outside, the infill structure is covered with insulation and with a coloured plaster finish that makes the external perception of the volumes soft. Materials, colours, spaces, designed to be part of a territory, a family, a product.