School complex, Bolzano


Auctioneer: Municipality of Bolzano
Location: Bolzano
Competition: 2018 selected second phase
Not realized

Project: Marco Contini, quattroassociati, CDM Associati

Structures: BF engeneering srl
Systems: STEA Progetto

Type of intervention: new construction
Characteristics: primary school with 2 sections, secondary school with 2 sections, laboratories, music room, classroom, offices, canteen, library, gym.
Area: 8.700 sqm

The building is inserted within a consolidated building context whose historical and urbanistic events, sometimes contradictory, can be perceived in the organization of the different building parts. It is evident today, the possibility of establishing, for this part of the city, a new morphological order, a new order and new relationships, a significant modification that is an expression of the characteristics of an urban centrality.

It is from considerations attentive to the urban context, with the residential and public parts, and geographical, with the large green area towards the riverside, that the settlement hypothesis of the quadrilateral is based, placed as an ordering and reference element for an urban situation with very different contours on the four sides of the geometric figure, which the project distinguishes and enhances as public spaces. The clarity of the proposed planivolumetric arrangement, a simple and paradigmatic figure both in the morphological aspect and in the image of the school building, determines a new order of spaces in the existing articulated urban design.