Parish complex, Tor Tre Teste (Roma)

Auctioneer: Vicariate of Rome
Location: Tor Tre Teste, Roma
Competition: 1994 canceled

Architectural design: Marco Contini
Collaborators: Nicola Bonazzi, Concetta Giannangeli, Lorenzo Malvisi, Paolo Contini

Structures: Giovanni Feldmann
Systems: CD studio

Type of intervention: new construction
Functional characteristics: Community centre with church and parish services
Area: 10.061 sqm

The boundless peripheral spaces, the intersection of streets, the layout of the buildings in the neighbourhood place the need to find places measurable with our steps; something that leads the path “towards”, “around”, “near”, “above”, “below”. This is the attitude that moves us in the search for that sign that the church and the parish centre can be with respect to the community in the neighbourhood, an attitude that places a particular value in the act of setting up, in making that sign belong to that place; It is through two fundamental acts that the project settles in the area.

The first is to raise the external limits of the area to form a 1.5 meter high base against the existing pavements. The base of the area is entrusted to this base. The second settlement act is to trace an East-West route by digging it at an altitude of -1.50. This route divides the area into two parts, also defining two practicable quotas: +1.50 -1.50. The design of this route and its relationship with the built volumes are entrusted with the complexity that an urban place refers to those who travel it. The volumes are placed considering to make the church building with its main architectural elements perceptible towards the outside.

The whole settlement is built according to a planimetric and altimetric grid composed of modules of three meters.