Agricultural building, Tiorre di Torrechiara (PR)


Client: Azienda agricola Sillari
Location: Tiorre di Torrechiara, Parma
Project: 1999
Construction: 1999

Project and direction of work: Marco Contini
Collaborators: Gianluca Pasquali

Structures: Giovanni Feldmann
Type of intervention: new construction
Functional characteristics: building for the animal shelter in a hilly area for landscape protection
Usable area = 590 mq

“Gold Medal for Italian Architecture” Production buildings section – Milan Triennale 2003. Honorable Mention.

Photographs: Stefano Botti, studiocontini

Tiorre is a hamlet in the municipality of Langhirano in the Parma hills, whose inhabited area is arranged along a ridgeline. The inhabited nucleus is formed by some rural buildings used as houses or as stables and barns.

Due to its small size, the urban planning tool considers the inhabited nucleus as non-urban. There are no buildings of particular architectural value even if for some of them the documentary value remains.

Of particular interest is the landscape framework in which the town is inserted: arranged on a ridgeline it is a privileged place for observing the landscape, as well as an element easily recognizable in the particular morphological structure of the hills.

The project concerns a structure to be used as a shelter for 60 reassembly garments located for proprietary needs adjacent to the existing barn. The design choices were the result of different observations regarding the relationship between the building sign and the geographical characteristics of the site, functionality and cost-effectiveness of the structure, components of the construction system.

The functional scheme of the barn, made up of a service corridor for mechanical vehicles and an area alongside for animal shelter, is highlighted in the project through a different height.

The service corridor is characterized by being higher than the other areas, also becoming a functional space for air exchange and interior lighting. (We wanted natural light to illuminate the feeders for most of the day as it seems very pleasing to the soul).

In the choice of materials, the use of “commercial” and poor material was deliberately preferred, the use of which guaranteed a simplification of the construction system, referring to other aspects the possible quality of the construction.

The roof structure of the corridor protrudes one meter from the structure not only to shelter the wooden panels from rain and sun but also to give a possible place for swallows and swifts for their nests.